Our Apero Menu

Available only at La Boulangerie Logan, from Thursday to Saturday, 5pm to 9pm.

Live a French experience!

L’Apero time is a very serious time of day in France! It’s around the time of day when shadows get longer and the sun starts to set. L’apéro is not a happy hour, it is the part of the day when the French stop doing what they’re doing and convene for a drink over small plates. There’s nothing left to do but have good food and drinks with friends.



olives, butter, radish, saucisson & cheese. $17.25


The Pinsa Romana is not a pizza! Unlike dense pizza crust, cloud-like Pinsa Romana are more than a base for toppings… It is made with a revolutionary blend of four GMO-free flours that includes wheat, soy, rice, and sourdough.
What’s different? Easier digestibility , ⅔ less gluten, heavy fats are replaced by GMO-free grains , no sugar added  and 100% less cholesterol.

MARGUERITE fresh mutti tomato sauce, fior di latte, roasted tomatoes & fresh Basil.

Half $17.25 / Whole $29.95

LOCAL VEGETABLE zucchini, yellow squash, baby arugula & creamy citrus ficotta

Half $18.95 / Whole $33.95

SALMON fresh onions, salmon, cucumber, fresh parsley, cappers, creamy citrus & ricotta

Half $19.25 / Whole $34.95

CHICAGO fior di latte mozzarella, Italian sausage, ezzo pepperoni & fresh tomato sauce

Half $19.95 / Whole $35.95

ALGERIAN Merguez sausage, sweet, spicy sauce & prov cheese

Half $21.95 / Whole $37.95


Savory crepe make with buckwheat flour dough . We call those Galette bretonne in French because they are from the French coast of Brittany. Easily prepared from scratch these savory crepes make a great and healthy meal.

GAULOISE bacon, tomato, Swiss cheese, sunny egg with side of greens. $11.75

COMPLETE ham, mozzarella, topped with a sunny egg. $10.95

OCEANE ratatouille, goat cheese, topped with a sunny egg. $11.25

buckwheat crepe


CAPRESE greens, tomatoes, mozzarella, pesto & balsamic glaze. $10.25

BOBO greens, chicken, cherry tomato, toasted seed & blueberry dressing. $11.75

ATLANTIC greens, salmon, egg, tomatoes, onions, capers. $11.95

French Gourmandise

PASTRY (take a look at our pastry display) $2.45-$5.95
MACARON chocolate, lavender, vanilla, coconut, pistachio,
salted caramel, lemon, passion fruit, raspberry, s’mores $2.35-$3.00

The menu is informative, may varie according the season.