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Build your own toast

Happy hour bites

Experience the real french aperitif (apero snacks)

TRIO SMALL SAUCISSON  goat / sec / finniochina 

DUO BIG SAUCISSON  tuscan / sopressata

Savory Tartines, moelleuses ou grillées

Build your own tartine from the items below. Choose as many as you want!

CLASSIC bread & butter

RUSTIC radish & butter

FROMAGERE Boursin cream / Brie cream

SOLEIL Sundried tomato / Eggplant caviar

RIVIERA tapenade spread / Olives

BASQUE goat cheese & mediterranean spread  / goat cheese, honey & walnuts

ALIZE sardine piment & poivron / sardine tomate confite

MEDITERRANEAN sardine rillettes / salmon rillettes

COUNTRY SIDE sobressada / house pâté & pickles


The pleasure of sharing an enjoyable moment! A delicious, genuine french cultural experience.

CHEESE BOARD Roquefort, Brie, Goat , Manchego, Tome,

CHARCUTERIE BOARD Pata Negra, Iberico, Sobressada, House country pâté, chorizo

MIX BOARD House country pâté, Sobressada, Roquefort, Brie, Tome

French mix board with red wine
Delicious Alsatian speciality


delicious Alsatian speciality, made with a very thin dough similar to pizza, with a layer of crème fraîche and tasteful toppings. perfect with a chilled glass of white wine.

CLASSIC onion & lardon 

GRATINEE onion, lardon & swiss cheese 

MUSHROOM onion, lardon, mushroom & swiss cheese 

FORESTIERE brie & mushroom


Candy bites

For the dessert, take a look at our display case

The menu is informative, may varie according the season.